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Voyage à New-York (Mai 2016)

Revivez, en vidéo, le voyage à New-York de notre section internationale Américaine qui s’est déroulé en mai 2016…


Suivez, au jour le jour, le voyage de la classe de seconde internationale à New York.

Report by Océane Billion :
"Today, Friday, May 6th, we woke up about 5 AM, and prepared to go to the Lycée Français de New York, on the East 75th Street. We took the bus, from Union City to Port Authority, on Manhattan, then the subway to reach the high school. When we arrived, some of us made presentations about French Guiana, and we followed their lesson. We left the school at 10:30 AM, took the subway and went to Union Square. There, we went to Barnes and Noble bookshop, to buy our books for the OIB. At 1:30 pm, we took the subway and went to Times Square. Here, we had the opportunity to do some shopping. At 5:30 PM we went to the MoMA (Museum of Modern Arts), and followed the instructions the teachers gave us. We got back to Explore Hostel at 8:30 PM, and then we went to eat in a Colombian Restaurant, in Union City.

Report by Laura Cedia and Logane Charles Ho-Si-Fat :
"After a very busy day yesterday, today (Saturday, May 7th), we began quietly with the visit of the Memorial of the World Trade Center. This place is sacred and respected by all the visitors. People remain silent here. A quick picnic and then we visited the Federal Hall on Wall Street. We also saw the New York STock Exchange. Then we enjoyed the view from the port where we could see the Statue of Liberty. Later, we visited Chinatown and its diversity : people playing Mahjong, the different stores (souvenirs, fish shops, restaurants, groceries…). Finally, we ate in a Chinese restaurant. We took the subway and the bus and got back to the hostel at 9 PM. Now, we must go to sleep for tomorrow !".

Report by Travis Cudjoe and Aurélie Da Silva Reis :
"Today, Sunday, May 8th, we woke up at 7 AM, has breakfast and also celebrated Mother’s Dat with Mrs Boucherot. Then we left the hostel for Battery Park, wher we caught a boat for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. There, we had our picnic and discussed different subjects for our presentations at Fieldston. We visited the museum of Ellis Island and took notes for a test about migrants. We got back to the hostel at about 6 PM, ate in a Latino restaurant in Union City, then we worked on our presentations for tomorrow".

Report by Elisa Durband :
"Monday, May 9th. It’s the beginning of our first day at Fieldston. We woke up around 7 AM to get ready and take the typical American school bus at 10:30 AM. We left New Jersey to drive to Riverdale, in the Bronx, where the high school is. We were welcomed by Mrs Droz. She gave us some instructions, then we met our buddies and ate pizza together. In the afternoon, we shadowed our specific buddies. I met Quentin Simon and followed him during all his periods : physical education, music… At 6:30 PM we went to take the bus. It took about an hour and a half to go to Harlem, where I am hosted.

Report by Wendy Esenline - : Wednesday, May 10th.
"I woke up at 6:45 AM, got ready and had a delicious breakfast. Then I left and went to school with the three teenagers of my host family : Sophie (18), George (17) and Anna (15). I began my school day with English class where we read an extract from Homer’s Odysseus, after that I spent time in my buddy’s advisor class. The next class was really interesting, we studied hip hop history, it was my favorite subject today. I spent one hour in the commons and I had the opportunity to see a musical rehearsal. There were several musicians : a pianist, a guitarist, a saxophonist, a double bass player and a flutist. Later I went to history class, where some of the students introduced a country and they had to present its civil society. I had lunch with Anna and one of her friends. I tried the famous bagels. Next, I joined my classmates for a special literature workshop and we studied "synesthesia". The last hour was an Introduction to Community Service where we debated children’s special needs, disabilities… After school, I met Oksana’s host, who is very nice ! We went for a walk in a park and then we saw a lacrosse game. I went to where Oksana is hosted and I ate with them.

Report by Emilie Genvrin :
Wednesday, May 11th. First, I went to school with my host family, as per usual, since the beginning of the week… I had classes with my buddy (who is also my host). We had history first and we saw a movie about the French Revolution. Then we had music class which was my favorite part of the day ! Next we had English. The students were studying "Macbeth". They performed scenes from the play. Then we had lunch (always very good at Fieldston !). After that, we had a biology lesson. The students were studying evolution. Then we had Maths. Finally, we had French class where the students were studying prepositions. After school, I took the bus home and I went shopping with the mother of my host family. After dinner, we bought ice cream, then I helped my buddy to do her French homework. It was such a great day !!

Report by Gabriel Lacoste - Wednesday, May 11th :
"This morning, I woke up at 6:50, and I was really happy because I had a good night. Then I had a quick shower and got dressed and prepared carefully to NOT FORGET MY STUFF ! For breakfast, my buddy Alec Franzese and I ate cereals that I didn’t know and it was really good. At 7:30 we took the typical American school bus to go to Fieldston. It took about half an hour. First, when we arrived at Fieldston, we went to the commons - a big room where I met my teachers and my friends. Then we went to English (Tom, Camille, and Anouk were also there). My buddy was writing an essay, so the teacher gave us a text that we had to analyze, and it was really interesting. Next, we had advisory. The teacher brought some croissants and coke, which we enjoyed. They were talking about politics. After that, we went to the art room to continue making Alec’s suit for the fashion show, next Tuesday. The suit is made of window screen material and twizzlers. The next subject was U.S. history. We compared the ideas of Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois, and Marcus Garvey. Then we had lunch. I sat near my friends and a guy called Graham, He was crazy and it was really funny. After lunch, I spent some time in the commons, there I met Graham again and I played football. At 1:25 pm I went to Spanish class and we worked on the present perfect tense. After that we had to do a presentation in a French class. After school, my buddy Alec brought me to his game against another high school, I had never seen a real baseball game before, so it was really cool !!"

Report by Tom Menetrey - Thursday, May 12th :
"Today, I woke up at 7 AM to prepare and have breakfast. The breakfast was so good ! It was a bagels with salmon, prepared by Maya (the mum of my host family). We left home at 7:40 to take the bus to Fieldston. It was a nice trip through a beautiful scenery. When I got to school, I had time to play table football with my friends before the first class, Sciences at 8:30 am. Then, Marco (my buddy) had a history test, so I didn’t go with him in class, but with Jesse (the buddy of Moussa) to Science class again. It was a special day for Fieldston today ! So, at 9:20 all the students had to go to the auditorium and watch a dance show ! It was pretty cool ! After we went to lunch and we ate potatoes, tomatoes, pasta, vegetables… I ate with Anouk, Camille, Eva, Moussa, Gabriel, Graham (10th grade) and Adia (10th grade). We laughed a lot ! At 1:20 pm, I went to French class with Marco. It was really interesting to learn American funny dances ! Mrs Leary danced too ! We discovered many types of music ! Finally, there was the Prep Rally at 3 pm ! It was the big celebration of the day, in the gymnasium, with all the students ! Each sports teams had to show a dance that they created for this event ! It was so cool ! There was music, a great atmosphere and many fabulous shows ! It was amazing for us because we don’t have this kind of party in French Guiana ! After, I started my homework with Moussa, Oceane and Noliwe, at the Library. I started my MOMA homework ! Then,at 6:15 pm, I took the bus with Marco and went directly to the sushi restaurant where the family was waiting for us. It was the first time I ate sushis ! I really liked it ! After, we bought ice creams and walked at Broadway, at night ! It was really beautiful ! Then, I had to finish my homework and sleep". (Photo of Tom’s host family)



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