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1ères News… du voyage au Guyana

Dimanche 31 janvier 2016, matin :
Arrivée à Paramaribo (SURINAME) sans problème hier, soirée paisible à l’hôtel Johnny.
Nous attendons le bus pour le Guyana, et tout le monde se porte bien !

Bon dimanche à tous !

Dimanche 31 janvier 2016, soir :
Good Day !
Après un périple long et fatiguant, le groupe est enfin au Guyana.

Ils s’installent à Georgetown, la connexion n’est pas bonne à l’hôtel…
Ils ont été particulièrement bien accueillis par le ministère et par le lycée, et allaient ce soir à 17h s’offrir un lunch dîner bien mérité.

Demain 8.30 am, Bishops’ High !

So we woke up this morning, 29th Janauary. We were all excited about this trip to Guyana. It was with tears in our parents’ eyes and ours that we left Melkior Garré and went to Saint-Laurent. In addition to this emotional choc, we suffered too from the tiredness of the French oral exam (some of us endured it the day before !). But anyway, we were already on the road ! After crossing the Maroni river, we arrived in Albina. From there, it took almost 2 hours and a half to reach the capital, Paramaribo where we were supposed to stay at the Johnny’s Hotel. After having a delicious dinner at the Ropram, we went back to the hotel really quickly to have some hours of rest. In spite of it, we woke up awfully tired the day after at around 2h30 am and we had a breakfast before reaching our next stopover, Nickeri. After long hours on the road, we arrived there at around 8am. After a long waiting time, we eventually boarded in the ferry going to Coleson Creek, Guyana. We were nicely received there by three women, two teachers of languages at Bishop’s Highschool (they both teach English and Spanish) and the CEO at the Ministy of Education. About 3 hours of driving, we eventually arrived in our final destination, Georgetown. We surprisingly discovered also how great the Halito Hotel is. We laid our luggages in the hotel and after a rest, we went to a Chinese restaurant, the New Rethriving. The dinner was excellent. However, both teachers and students would say that this trip was very exhausting but anyway we are more than happy to be altogether and having fun. For now, we better « cath our bed » (as we say in Guyana) because tomorrow we are going to attend classes at Bishop’s Highschool.

Jean-Philippe Castorix, 1ère ES, Section internationale Américaine


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