Lycée polyvalent Melkior et Garré

Daily report (07, 08 et 09/2)

07/02/2016 [Tom] :

Sunday was a special day because it was the first time we had no activity during the morning, so we enjoyed it and had a good rest. We were free until 12:00 so we only get prepared and did whatever we wanted. Then we went to a restaurant where we had already eaten twice, because it’s very good and 50 meters from the hotel. After this nice meal waited for the bus. It was very late, but eventually the bus driver took us to Waterworld. It is actually an amusement park with a swimming pool,
a slide and a kind of artificial creek. We stayed there about 2 hours and had a lot of fun ! Then we did a quick stop at the "Seawall", a huge dam to prectect Georgetown again the sea (the town in above sea level), to see the view and what was happening. Eventually we came back at the hotel very exhausted and ate at the hotel.

08/02/2016 [Aïtana] :

Monday at 9am we had the opportunity to do a personalized literature class at Christ Church College. We worked on two Guyanese poems written just before the independance : « In the dark,my love » by Martin Carter and « In the Constant Image of your face » by Dennis Brutus.
After this we leaved the school by bus to attend the children’s dance competition of mashramani 2016 at the national culturel center ; with dance like hip-hop ; modern jazz ; carnival soca . For lunch, we didn’t agree on what to eat, so one groupe eat chinese food and the other roti, then at 2 pm we returned to the show.
Later in the afternoon, we went shopping and bought everything for diner, and we cooked at the hotel.

09/02/2016 :

On Tuesday morning, we went on a very interesting guided tour of the old city, with the two teachers from Bishops’ and Christ Church Colleges, Mrs Payne and Albert.
We stopped at the National Library, at the cathedral, and at the National Art Gallery, where we worked on a assignment given by Mr. Guespin, to learn about Creative Writing, with the painting as models of inspiration.
We even met one of the two poets we heard reading their poetry last week. JP is found of them. We invited him in Cayenne !
After a very fast lunch, because our bus didn’t come, we when to the big annual Dramatic Poetry competition. But unfortunately, this didn’t worked : they were more than two hours late, so we had to leave before the beginning !
We’re going to the movie tonight, and we’ll have diner in the mall.
Everything is great !


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