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Another great day in Georgetown ! But unfortunately the last one.

Daily report, Friday

Good evening, it’s Karine’s interesting daily report.

Today was a special day, we woke up later than usually which means that we had to be prepared to have classes at 9:00am instead of 8:30 to have literature classes with mister Guespin to continue on working on creative writing about painting we have admired in the art gallery the day before. Only 3 students were on time and Mr. Guespin began with them without waiting for us. So our lesson lasted half an hour instead of one hour. But given that our lust to learn and our passion for literature is stronger than anything, we did our best to be productive and mindful in order to be able to do a great work.

After the class, we were from 10:00am to 12:00pm at Bishops’ High school because we were invited to La crème de la crème restaurant of the Home Economics class to observe their pratical work. In fact, we were sort of examiners and therefore we ate a lot of pastries of different menus of variety of culture such as French, English, Indian, Mexican, Carribean foods. The service and food were both excellent. After this splendid meal, we banned the need of having lunch.

Then, we had a short history class with the 6th form students, all of them were very nice, we learned a lot about their culture and history and as for them, we were able to share ours. Moreover, they offered us French foods such as pastry flan, pancakes, pastries which were super delicious. So after all, this wonderful exchange left us a stronger memory of Bishops and Guyana. Therefore, we spent the afternoon three hours of transport to stay ten minutes on the harbor of the Essequibo River (the third largest river in South America), then we came back and after a recreation time at the hotel we went and ate pizzas.

Another great day in Georgetown ! But unfortunately the last one.


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