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Daily report (Fr & Sa)… a bit late

They both have been written by Kim, Marine and JP :


As usual, we woke up around 7 am. After breakfast, we went to Queen’s College (which is known as THE best high school in Guyana). It took us around 10 minutes to reach the school (we went there by feet by the way). An assembly was going on when we arrived there. The principal of the high school was awarding students. We listened to their anthem (each high school in Guyana has its own). After this we went to the principal where the prefects were waiting for us. We took some pictures together.

They show us around. Some of us attended a literature class, other attended a Maths class. The students were very nice and friendly ! Moreover, we noticed that the students at Queen’s College speak better French than those from other schools we have visited.

We went back to the principal office where they had prepared a delicious snack. After a goodbye, we went straight to the hotel. We were tired and we all had a little rest. Then some of us (the girls but some boys too !) went to « Forever 21 » but unfortunately they went back to the hotel with nothing. After having a very good dinner at the restaurant at the corner, we went back to the hotel.


On Saturday morning, we and some of the students from Bishop’s High and Christ Church went to visit Linden, a (very) small friendly town (LOL). We walked through the streets of Linden and we found it similar to Albina or Saint-Laurent, meaning there was absolutely nothing very special about it but anyway as long as we leave the hotel there is nothing to complain about, it was nice.

After visiting Linden we went to Splashmins, which is a dark creek but with a lovely neighborhood.

Thanks to a bishop’s High Teacher, we were able to enter freely the resort and swim. The funny thing is that we were not allowed to swim at that area (we are Thugs !) but we found an arrangement (we always do Haha). After drowning some students (and teachers too) in the water and throwing some overboard too, we came back home and then we ate at New thriving again (the Chinese restaurant). After we came back to the hotel, some students stayed and some went dancing with the teachers and we came back home safe and secure. We had a great night.


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