Lycée polyvalent Melkior et Garré

Compte-rendu du mardi 2 février, par Carmen Duran Perez

Today everybody woke up around 7 o’clock and we started the day by doing our breakfast in each room ( like a boss). At 9 o’clock, we were in front of Christ Church school which was located at only 2min from the hotel. When we arrived there was an assembly in the hall where all the students were standing listening to the prayers of different religions such as christianism, hidouism and islam. We were invited to introduce ourselves on stage and something shocked everybody in our class : we were aplaused by the entire school and we were treated like stars ! One of our classmate (Pierrot) particularly touched the assembly because he was fair-skinned and so cute and especially because he looks like french actors in movies. After all, the teachers dispatched us in different classes where we attended English class, social, chemestry, and biology class. From noon to 1 o’clock Mr. Guespin chose a good Guyanese restaurant. Anyway, we came back to the school until 15 o’clock. Then, an hour later we decided to celebrate Marine’s birthday and so all the class contributed to Marine’s surprise party. A group with Mr.Guespin went to the supermarket in order to buy some things for the « apero » and another group went to the pastry to buy a cake and the ingredients for the « crêpes »( because as you know, today is also the chandeleur day in French Guiana ! ) . While I am writting the report of today, they are all preparing a big dinner which I am sure will be gorgeous !

Christ Church Secondary School

During the assemblyl

Working in English class


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