Lycée polyvalent Melkior et Garré

Daily report (Mercredi 03/02), from Agathe and Gabriela

Today was a great day ! We started with a breakfast all together around 8am. Then we took the bus to President’s College because it was quite far from the hotel. We were surprised by the many cows and horses walking around the college’s fields, they didn’t even care to be hit by a car (lol). Dislike the other schools, it was very open : a wide space for few buildings. Each one matches with one form. Something impressed us : the agricultural students had a plantation of vegetables and sugar cane. They also learn to kill chickens and cows which are use for the high school canteen. We separated in groups of 4 and we followed students from the school during the day. We went into different classes and met a lot of students who were really funny and kind with us ! We took a lot of pictures and exchanged our numbers and Facebook to keep in touch with them. We had a real exchange : they asked a lot of questions about French Guiana and vice versa. They finally had the opportunity to speak and hear a little bit of French and they were pretty happy about it. Some people of our group learnt how to play cricket while others put Stromae in class ! Then we came back to the hotel and went to the theater after taking a nap. That was a really interesting day with a lot of great meetings and good communication with the students.

In a French class, teaching Stromae’s song « Formidable » to Guyanese students

or translating a song from English to French


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