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Monday 1st February : Bishops’High (Guyana Travel)

As for today :

Madame la proviseur de Bishops’ High, souhaitant la bienvenue au groupe

Des appariements entre élèves de Bishops’s et de Melkior…

…et des différences culturelles qu’il faut apprendre à respecter !

Daily report from Kimberley Van Holt :

Today is monday, February the 1st
And it was our first day in Bishop’s High School.
After having breakfast at the hotel we walked 5 minutes to the school.
The Houses (which are groups of students) had prepared several presentations as dancing, singing, slam, and music.
Afterwards we met our buddies, they chose us and we chose them (Lol) .
We followed several of their classes, at noon we ate at the canteen of the school and returned to class until 3 PM. 
We went back to the hotel and had the right to move freely in the city until 7 PM. 
We do not know yet where we will eat tonight but I hope it will be delicious ;-)


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